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You're Worth It

Read that title again, and let it sink in. After over a year of staying indoors and in your own bubble, going out into the real world again can be frightening. Some people are quick to get back on their feet and have their lives back on track, but others need a little more time. Endless scrolling through social media posts about the people around you who seem to have their paths put together bring up thoughts of confusion, fear, and uncertainty.

Being in that mix of feeling uneasy and uncertain about my professional endeavors and personal life is draining. As hiring season continues to consume my mind, imposter syndrome suffocates me into thinking that I’m not good enough. I feel trapped, and my confidence is lowered. “Why do I overthink so much?”, “if I accomplished more, would people care again?”, “everyone seems to have it all figured out.” I’ve come to realize that all these negative thoughts do not define me. Why would I continue to listen to those voices in my head when they are only tearing me down? I knew I needed to change my mentality.

Change comes by taking that first step. Waking up tired with no motivation and no drive gets exhausting. Here are some practices I’ve incorporated into my daily life:

  • Start your day off strong by listening to your favorite music

  • Do what makes you happy

  • Exercise! It’s a major de-stressor.

  • Learn to be patient with yourself and know that it’s okay to fail

  • Focus on the process instead of what could be

  • Spend time with friends, and make sure to make time for yourself

You are worth it. The phrase alone is something I tell myself all. the. time. My confidence has grown and will continue to grow as the days go by. I’m starting to step out of my little bubble, and I hope you will too.

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You are more than your mistakes. You are more than what anyone tells you. You are your own person. Stand up against all the negativity you put on yourself. Be kind to yourself. You will figure it all out at your own pace. What is meant for you will come in time. Focus on yourself, embrace your uniqueness, and find your purpose.


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