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Utilizing Google Calendar to Organize Your Life

Google Calendar is a powerful, helpful, and creative way to plan out your day. Find some fantastic tips for managing your busy schedule here.

As a college student, I find myself juggling classes, work, homework, clubs, and everything in between. Your typical day only has 24 hours, and for just your mind to juggle, it can be a lot to manage. How do you do it without letting your brain explode? By finding the perfect organizational system for you. Ever since middle school, I have been using planners, and I loved them. However, as a google student, there are places where you don’t take your planner or can’t note down something quickly. Some people don’t prepare using a paper planner, and that’s totally okay!

1. Create a school year calendar

After doing that, type a name, choose a default color, set privacy settings, and create it.

2. Enter in all your classes for the semester

Enter each class once; then, you can use the “repeat” options to repeat every week until your semester ends. It is super convenient and quick to use this feature.

For example, I color code my classes. All my global warming classes are dark blue; legal business classes are pink and english classes are blue. By doing this, you can see which days you have specific classes.

3. Input all school holidays and days off

4. Figure out when your finals are and add the dates

Finals and midterms tend to change up the way you operate your week. Knowing these dates and times ahead of time makes it super useful to layout study time.

Extra Tips:

Color Code Everything

Everything on my calendar is color-coded, which helps organize my day and the responsibilities I have throughout the week. My work, personal, club calendar are all separated by colors, making it easy to figure out the things I have that week.

Input assignments due for that day with a descriptions

Enter the assignments the day they are assigned and a mini description if it’s either an exam or a homework assignment. This way, you probably won’t forget assignments and always submit them on time.

Being a college student can be stressful and hectic, but organizing a busy schedule can help your life so much easier. Hopefully, these tips help to manage your time better!


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