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The Power of Music

As we come to the close of this semester, it is important to keep our focus as we head through final exams. The best way I have found of maintaining composure during these high-stress times has been turning to music. Whether I’m doing homework, studying for an exam, or exercising in between, I have always found time to put on my headphones and focus up on the task at hand.

There are many different genres I listen to especially when studying like soothing lo-fi beats. Whether your favorite genre might be is rap, EDM, Pop, oldies, or anything else, there is a comforting effect brought by music. Trying a new genre or picking a song you haven’t heard before but really enjoy is a way to develop new habits and expand your music portfolio.

“One good thing about music. When it hits you. You feel no pain.”

- Bob Marley

Depending on which music you choose to listen to, it changes your mood. Music has the ability to reduce anxiety, stress, and pain. It can also provide an improvement in memory, mood, comfort, and cognition. There is a certain magic that comes with music. Some genres will make you want to sing, some will make you want to dance, and some will make you want to relax.

Music can be an incredible tool for learning and improving your focus. As we come to the close of 2020, it is important for us to shuffle up our lives once in a while, not to repeat bad habits, pause when we need a break, and go play.

If you don’t know where to start listening, don’t worry. There are many great music choices out there to discover! Here's my top 5 Songs at the moment:

  • Something Special by Pop Smoke

  • All The Stars by Kendrick Lamar & SZA

  • Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes

  • Smile by Juice WRLD & The Weeknd,

  • Rockstar by DaBaby & Roddy Ricch.

If you haven’t put together a new playlist in a while, now is a great time!


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