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The Journey to Professionalism

Looking at your future, whether it be short or long term is a scary process for everyone. Researching future classes, internship opportunities, and preparing for graduation is a reality check that we’re young, but no longer kids. It is a bit intimidating knowing that we are soon to become working professionals. With the effects of the pandemic still being felt all around the world, it makes it even more challenging for college students to succeed in the real world. However, with this past year being the most unpredictable one we’ve seen, I’ve begun to learn an important skill: looking ahead. Planning and mapping out small goals, whether it be personal or academic is an important part of growing as a human being. Having no plan or goal in mind can make it difficult to work towards one thing and concentrate your efforts. Yes, the reality is that we won’t be kids for long, but having a plan in mind can make the process altogether less intimidating.

As many of us are looking for internships for this summer, we are hit with deadlines and dates, requirements and recommendations, and quite a bit of other information. If you are planning out your classes, you might be looking at which class is a prerequisite for what, making sure that you are taking enough units each semester, and getting the proper grades to proceed. All of this information might seem like a lot to handle, but condensing it, and focusing on the details you need to hit makes it all more achievable. Planning out what you need to achieve today, this week, this month, and for the semester allows you to break down the large things into small goals. If you do the little things, they will add up to become big things. Of course we all get overwhelmed with the tasks at hand, but taking a breath, and looking at everything with a clear mind makes it a little less scary, and more attainable each day. I believe each and every person can do this. It might not be the process for everyone, but it might be the right one for someone. Plan your future, write your goals down, and go after them!


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