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  • Stephanie Vargas

Take a Break!

Feeling burnt out and wanting to take it slow? Need something to do over spring break? Well not to worry because I have the inside scoop on what to watch this spring break and get you back into #MAxing your potential and feeling refreshed. With all those streaming platforms out there it can be hard to find a binge worthy show so here are my top 5 shows:

  1. The Last of Us - HBO Max

    1. Best described by Troy Baker TLOU, “…is not a show about zombies. This is a show and a story, about love,” The infected have taken over the world and lead actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey who play Joel and Ellie in the show are on a mission to find the cure for this disease. Although this show is based off a video game the cinematography, storyline, and special effects make this show top tier and if zombies are your thing you’d definitely enjoy it because these are unlike any other zombies you’ve seen. But be warned because if you’re a softy like me, you’ll be balling your eyes out after every episode. Sadly, this show is fairly new so they are only one season in but they are set to release a season two already.

  2. The Mandalorian - Disney Plus

    1. The Mandalorian is on its third season, just in time for Spring Break! Although they only release new episodes every Wednesday you can catch up during spring break and watch the first two seasons. If you’re a Star Wars fan you’ll love this show and fall in love with Grogu or “baby yoga” as many call him. This show follows the story of a Mandalor who crosses paths with Grogu, a yoga species, as they battle through different galaxies all in hopes of finding a safe place for baby yoga.

  3. Snowfall - Hulu

    1. Snowfall is a great binge worthy television series since it has 6 seasons. This show follows the story of Franklin and his rise and downfall of being a crack cocaine dealer during the epidemic in 1980s in Los Angeles. Much like Narcos, this show follows several different story lines and will keep you on your toes during every season.

  4. Wednesday - Netflix

    1. Wednesday isn’t popular for no reason, this hit tv show is great for people of all ages. It’s funny, spooky, and thrilling. As you follow Wednesday Adams and her time at Nevermore Academy she is on the hunt for the monster who has been on a killing spree in the area. The cast is amazing and Jenna Ortega really hits the nail on the head as Wednesday. Again, only one season in but still binge worthy.

  5. YOU - Netflix

    1. YOU is another thrilling tv series and they’ve also just released season three this year. If creepy stalkers, kidnapping, and killing is your kind of show then this is perfect for you because Joe Goldberg, the main character, will take you on a crazy journey of it all. The new season happens to be my favorite so if you’ve got time I’d definitely recommend watching.

Now that you’ve got all the info you need to start your spring break binge watch don’t forget to stock up on snacks, drinks, and tissues. Happy watching and hope this helps reset, refresh, and reframe your mind because there's nothing better than a nice relaxing break from all the hard work you’ve put into the semester so far.


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