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Start Networking as a Freshman

Ever since I was a freshman in high school, sitting on the rickety bar stool in my Honors Biology class, I have been looking forward to college. These four years at university are all about meeting new people from all over the world, making memories that will last a lifetime, and building a strong foundation for your future career.

Easier said than done, right?

It starts with small steps. As a first year in college, I began by joining clubs like the SJSU Marketing Association, initiating conversations with other members, and then pushing myself to attend socials, and even join the Mentorship program. While it can feel awkward, forming these connections at the beginning of your college career will:

  • Create a social circle you can rely on

  • Build your trustworthiness for future companies (LinkedIn connections)

  • Provide more opportunities

  • Help you receive advice and tips from those older than you

These networking opportunities are ripe when you are a Freshman because both the environment and the people are new. Creating a social circle you can rely on will ensure that you have resources to reach for when stuck in a situation. Building your trustworthiness for future companies means that you may receive job offers more often, and interviews end more successful due to your network’s assurances. Having a wide network ensures that you will have access to more opportunities, and gain experience in your field of interest. As a first year, most of these techniques and culture will be unfamiliar to you, but by reaching out and forming connections, you can receive advice and tips from those older than you. Now, take charge of your future, and get your free HiWave sticker at to start networking!



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