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Quality Over Quantity

As I'm nearing the end of my college career, one of the hardest things to do is to let go of people. A part of growing up is letting things go, and some friendships simply aren't meant to last a lifetime. Like really, who is actually still friends with everyone they follow? I sure am not.

As time goes by, we tend to grow apart from those we once held close. And that's okay! That's how life works. Sure, some people actually have a large group of genuine friends, and others are still very close with their childhood friends. But according to my reality, a majority of my "friends" are taking a different path.

With that being said, I recently unfollowed over 300+ people from all my socials. Everyone at some point in their social media careers has contemplated unfollowing someone for one reason or another, and it's become some taboo thing to do. Break up: Unfollow. Friend drama: Unfollow. Rumors: Unfollow. But here's the thing, that's not the case at all. Unfollowing isn't some sort of dramatic action. It's you taking control of what you see.

There are alot of people from high school that I'd easily ignore if you run into, another few hundred from college that I had that one class with, and a bunch that I met through others and never spoke to again.

Take my advice, make an effort to stay in touch with those who do the same to keep in touch with you. Those are the ones that matter the most. Don't feel bad that you've lost touch with some people. Instead, be thankful they've connected with you and remember that even though you might not have a large group, you have close friends you will be able to count on.

It doesn't matter if you have five or 1,000 friends, as long as each of those friendships inspires you and helps you grow. And most importantly, never neglect your most valuable relationship—the one with yourself!


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