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Networking Tips and Tricks

Networking can be very scary because you’re put in an environment where you have to put yourself out there to make conversation with people you don't know. I remember my first time at a networking event, and how stressful and overwhelming it felt. It’s even more stressful to think about how they may be your future employers and managers. Let me share some tips and tricks to help you at your first networking event!

Networking events are a great way to meet new people and expand your network! Photo credit: Core Apps

The First Tip: Practice What You Want To Say

  • Self explanatory but important, practice what you want to say to various questions. It’s best to always have an introduction line, to introduce yourself, and to start off the conversation. You should also have a sales pitch in mind of highlights you would want to let people know about. Your introduction should include your name, school, current position, occupation, etc.

The Second Tip: Do Research On Specific Questions You Want To Ask

  • It’s good to have a list of questions that you want to ask as those can be useful information for later. It’s also good to know who will be at the networking event, so you can come up with more specific questions to ask them. This way, it shows you were prepared and that you did your research.

The Third Tip: Reach Out To As Many People You Can

  • Attend various networking events and exchange contact information with one another. You can either write it down or use a HiWave sticker to easily exchange information without having to write it down. You can add your LinkedIn, email address, and phone number with your sticker. One tap and it’s done!

  • Don’t be shy to reach out to people one LinkedIn either. If you find someone on LinkedIn who is currently working at a company that you dream about, reach out to them and set up a one on one meeting to ask any questions you have. This is a great way to understand the company more from someone who has been in that work environment, they can als give you tips on how to nail that interview with that company!

All these tips should help you network with peers and make it easier for you for future networking events. Networking can be hard especially if you are shy about meeting new people, however, it will only get easier once you start. Don’t ever feel scared or embarrassed for reaching out to people to ask them for help or questions. Happy Networking!


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