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  • Jeremiah Lineberger

MAking Your Risks Count

Going to college can be both scary and intimidating for students. I remember going into college, I started off at a junior college playing football back in Southern California. At the time, football was my priority and it was something I could think about. I was so motivated to play at the next level until COVID-19 caused all of the schools to shut down. Throughout COVID-19 I always felt some sadness about wondering if I will ever play football again. I remember during COVID-19 I was completing my community college classes online and trying to find myself a passion besides football.

I had two choices after completing my community college classes, which was returning back to junior college to play football or transfer to a university to complete my degree. I decided to take the risk to move on from football and attend San Jose State University. I did not look at my situation as a failure. Instead I knew that not being able to play at the next level was a temporary setback that was going to make me stronger and made me come to the realization that it was a part of God’s plan for me. I transferred to San Jose State University right when COVID came to an end, so I had to get used to opening up and being more social.

I was not always the most social when it came to meeting new people or networking. Going into my senior year, I made the risk to be more open minded and try new things to learn and meet new people. I was walking around campus and saw the Marketing Association club tabling to recruit people. In that moment I remember how scared I felt to approach their table, so much that I decided to keep walking past it. The next day I decided I was going to take the risk. The second day I took the risk to open up and I went to the table to get more information on the club. This risk I took, made me so much stronger than I ever was and made me feel really confident.

One month later, I have met so many genuine people who have the same mindset as me, and who are positive. With this risk, I believed God wanted me to open up to people who welcome others with open arms and for me to realize it is okay to take risks or to do things you thought you would never do.

I believe the shots you miss most are the risks you do not take. So everyone go MAke your Risks Count!


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