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Identifying Your Style of Writing

When we write assignments or posts on our various socials, it’s important to write with authenticity. It’s not all that easy. Early in our careers we’re told to sound “professional”. We’re told to use certain phrases and avoid others. I remember feeling overwhelmed by the advice I found online about balancing professionalism with being too casual in my writing. Each time you want to express yourself through writing, you likely have a different audience. Your writing style, however, can stay constant. Having a style has helped me actually enjoy writing. It no longer feels like a chore, but rather, a form of self-expression. Here’s how:

  1. Read other people’s blogs and posts. Actually, don’t just read them- observe them. What do you notice? What do you like? Notice how you feel when you read LinkedIn or blog posts. You’ll realize that some are more engaging than others. Jot down some similarities between posts you liked. They probably will share a similar style- this can serve as a blueprint for your own writing later.

  2. When you practice your writing, avoid thinking about writing “rules” right away. This will only hinder your creative thinking process. Write your thoughts and try to think of them as a story. How would you tell this experience to a friend?

  3. Don’t force a vocabulary. Yes, when we write in a professional setting, we want to use formal words. Despite that, you don’t want to sound unnatural. If you are repeatedly referencing a thesaurus, it might be time to simplify those sentences. Your genuine voice will shine through.

At the end of the day, the key is to try. Finding your style takes time. You’ll never know if you’re good until you try. The enjoyable part about writing is being able to freely express yourself. You’ll get there soon!


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