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  • Jennifer Vangelisti

HuMAnize your Work & Life Balance

Balance is key. Especially when it comes to having work and life balance. I came to this realization after experiencing a quarter-long burnout from juggling several responsibilities at once. I came to believe that my level of productivity was equal to my self-worth. This lifestyle was not fulfilling. To be content, I learned that I needed to embrace a well-rounded life that consists of being active, social, and productive. I needed to give myself grace. After finding balance, I looked around. I noticed other students struggling with the same battle that I endured. Let me share a few tips to help you humanize your work and life balance.

1. Keep the promises you make to yourself

Confidence is built as you keep promises to yourself. As you gain further self-awareness through finding your ideal work and life balance, take notes on your likes and dislikes. These will be pillars for the boundaries you create to avoid future burnout. For example, if you intend to participate in fitness for an hour each day, follow through with that intent daily!

2. Listen to your body

When your body is trying to speak to you, listen to it! That means, if you are in your 2nd hour of studying and you are experiencing fatigue or brain fog, it is best to take a break. Either stretch your legs or grab a snack! I always find myself able to maintain a deeper focus when I incorporate short and frequent breaks into my workflow.

3. Strengthen your organizational and time management skills

To spend your time efficiently, plan and set a goal! Through digital calendars, like Google calendar and Notion, for example, you can organize your time to ensure both work and self-care receive attention. For example, if your goal is to complete an essay in time to spend a weekend with family, schedule 1-2 hours each day to execute your assignment!

4. Unplug

Grab a book, take a walk, or touch some grass. Anything but screen time. In our hybrid world, exposure to digital screens has increased. It is crucial to allow your brain to recharge, away from a screen. Incorporate some time to unplug in your self-care routine!

After incorporating these methods into my lifestyle, I felt my happiness and motivation return. I regained a productive momentum of completing my work for the day while maintaining self-care practices. With my mental health recovered, I found myself passionate about school, work, and extracurriculars again. If you find yourself in a similar situation, view it as an opportunity for growth and further self-awareness. You can do it!


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