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Going Against Expectations

"What do you want to be in the future?" "What career do you want to pursue after you graduate?" These are the types of questions most college students don't know the answer to.

My college career began with me pursuing a chemical engineering degree at a UC that was mainly influenced by my mom's high expectations. After spending countless all-nighters studying for my honors chemistry class, I realized that I didn't want to go into the chemistry field. I decided to drop out.

I learned that I would never be happy when I'm constantly trying to meet someone else's standards and expectations. I ignored all the stigma ingrained in my brain and went back home and attended community college. I needed some time to know what I wanted to do with my life and create the future I wanted for myself. So, I went ahead to pursue a bachelor's in business administration and transferred to SJSU for their marketing program. I never expected to attend SJSU, but I’m excited for all the opportunities that will help bring me success in my career.

It was difficult overcoming people's expectations, but I'm glad I made those decisions and carved my own educational/ career path. We have to appreciate the people and things that push us to stay true to ourselves and follow the path that we want.

One of my first steps in planning out what I wanted to do in the future was creating a list of small goals to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a brand marketing manager.

Here’s my checklist of small goals!

  • Transfer to San Jose State University.

  • Be a part of the Marketing Association.

  • Get a summer internship.

  • Graduate Spring 2022 from San Jose State University.

  • Get a full time job in a marketing related career.


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