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Getting Past the Initial Slump

Wake up. Look in the mirror. Have I woken up from this quarantine nightmare? Nope. It is today’s reality.

Since COVID-19 became a global pandemic, our lives have changed in ways we could never imagine. As going to the grocery store suddenly became a trip everyone in the family was excited for, you cannot help but feel unmotivated and trapped in what feels like a cave. That was me at the beginning of quarantine back in March. At the start of quarantine, I thought life could only go downhill from there and I believed that since we were constantly at home, I would not change or grow as a person. For the first month, being stuck at home with my family with little to do, also caused my physical and mental health to no longer be a priority. “The gyms are closed so I cannot workout.” and “I’m not going out anyway” were some excuses I would make to justify my lack of motivation to even get out of my pajamas. Although this gave me more time for my other passions and activities, I started to notice the side effects creeping up.

As my physical and emotional health worsened, I knew it was time to make changes. I actively sought ways to make the most out of quarantine by working out with my brother in our house, go for a jog around our neighborhood, and go on hikes in San Antonio Ranch Reserve. To improve my mental health, I tried journaling about prompts related to gratitude, actively tried to balance school and personal life, and also picked up old hobbies of mine such as painting. It is surprising how much a quick run around the block, painting in your backyard, or even trying a new recipe can change your mindset. A tip I recommend is to start your day by doing something you enjoy for yourself. Whether that be making a cup of coffee, spending time with family, or even having a short journal session; This can help you put your best foot forward for the day.

Looking back, I wish I had a better mindset and course of action going into quarantine, however, I grew as a person from this experience. Quarantine was a reminder that even during the unpleasant, or uncertain times, there are still lessons we learn and growth that occurs if we welcome it. I hope that by sharing my experience with getting past the stage of sadness and the feeling of hopelessness inspires you to do the same.


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