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Personal Branding

If someone asked me what my personal brand was back in the fall of 2017 when I first arrived at SJSU, I would’ve had no idea how to even respond to that. Before college, big-name corporations and maybe some local businesses were the only things that I thought could be considered a brand. That quickly changed when I entered the Lucas College of Business where countless professors started emphasizing the importance of creating your own brand identity.

While creating your own brand may seem like a tall task, it stems down to what you are passionate about in life; and even that might be a tough concept to grasp, heck I don’t even know what I want for lunch tomorrow! Creating your brand is a process where you have to really get a grasp on the things you are passionate about in life and how you want to implement that in your future career.

Personally, I’m very passionate about creative storytelling, especially when it is complemented with athletics. Brands like Nike and Beats have always captivated me with their brand identities with how they create visual stories alongside professional athletes while still incorporating their own products. That's why my brand is very sport-focused, visually-driven, and detail-oriented.

Once you find your brand, gain the ability to convey it to others, especially potential recruiters. Find the right words that convey your branding and skillsets. Be consistent with your branding on all platforms, eliminating any discrepancies that may be present. And most importantly, be sure that your brand fully aligns with your passions and how you want your career to pan out.

My personal brand didn’t come to me overnight, it took years of understanding what really inspired me, and even then I had to figure out if that's really what I wanted to implement into my career. If you’re still struggling to find your personal brand, no need to panic, the greatest things in life take time. Keep exploring your passions and get inspired, it’ll come to you sooner than you’d expect.


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