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  • Sharlene Wong

Exploiting Your Resources In College

Habits are for yourself, to gain something, to lose something. So why not make it a habit to gain? College is a period of your life where opportunity and growth is available everywhere. But with so many opportunities available, the feeling of being overwhelmed or unsure of where to start is common. So one way to tackle this is developing the habit of exploiting your resources. By learning to take advantage of everything your environment has to offer, you can gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences that will help you succeed both academically and professionally. Here are some tips for exploiting your resources in college.

  1. Maximizing opportunities: College offers a wide range of resources such as academic tutoring to extracurricular activities. By taking advantage of these resources, you can expand your knowledge, skills, and experiences beyond what you could have achieved on your own so put yourself out there! Personally, extracurriculars like MA have given me new networking skills and developed my professionalism so much in one semester.

  1. Education: College resources help you learn more effectively and efficiently such as study groups or tutoring sessions. Often professors offer office hours where most are willing to give feedback and answer questions. You can also access online databases, libraries, and premium multimedia materials. All of these resources are free and widely available so use it! I take a lot of extracurricular classes to figure out what I want from college, maybe I want a new minor or maybe I hate my major… Who knows!

  1. Building relationships: College is filled with thousands of new people, in one place, who are willing to connect with you. When will you ever have that chance again? You can network with peers, mentors, and professionals who share your interests or goals. With this, you can gain valuable insights, advice, and referrals that can help you succeed in your academic or career pursuits. Besides academics, you can make life-long friends, make awesome memories, and grow as a person. I feel completely different each year in college.

  1. Saving time and money: College resources are often readily available and accessible. This can help you save time and money from their free or low-cost services where you might otherwise have to pay for. For example, MA career center to get help with your resume or cover letter, or you can visit the health center for preventative care or treatment. There are free student gyms where you would have to pay at least 50 dollars a month somewhere else. My best money-saving tip is the free college clipper cards!

The habit of exploiting your resources is a useful skill that can contribute to success in your personal and professional life. By maximizing opportunities, you gain valuable experiences beyond the classroom. College resources can enhance your learning and expand your knowledge. Building relationships is possible everywhere as you can meet peers, mentors, and professionals daily. Finally, exploiting your resources can also help you save time and money by providing you with access to valuable services that you might have had to pay for otherwise. Overall, cultivating the habit of exploiting your resources in college, you can gain the skills and experiences you need to thrive both academically and professionally. So go out there and make the most of everything your college has to offer!


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