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  • April Murphy

Embracing Embarrassment

For as long as I could remember there has always been a part of me that has been afraid of what people would think of me as if their opinion would affect how I feel about myself. This is something I have struggled with and continue to work on everyday and what I have learned along the way is that you have to embrace embarrassment and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, that is the first step to success.

As a kid I was very shy, which to many who know me today might find that surprising. But something that I have always felt was a strong part of me was speaking out. I actually enjoyed participating in class discussions and raised my hand constantly to answer questions. Fast forward to my sophomore year of highschool I decided to join my highschool’s theater program to become a performer. I was so nervous and afraid of auditions thinking that I wasn’t talented or experienced enough.

The decision to step into that audition room changed my life.

Being a performer has always been a strong part of my identity and yet it took me years to step out and make something of it due to the fear of judgment and failure but when I made the decision to audition I learned in more ways than one what it truly means to put yourself out there.

Throughout my high school theater program I gained valuable skills that help me not only in my everyday life but also in building my professional career.

Here are the three most important lessons has taught me:

1. Using your voice

a. Public speaking is something that makes many people a little uneasy. Performance has taught me to not only become a better public speaker but actually enjoy the process. This has allowed me to be comfortable talking to strangers, pitching, and leading group events. Everyone has a unique voice and story to share so the next time you speak in front of a group of people big or small don’t be afraid to speak up because your words are valuable.

2. It is ok to look silly

a. Something that any actor will tell you is that you can’t be afraid to look a little silly. This can apply to so many aspects in your life. For example in leading a social event for MA I want to be engaging which might mean I have to up my characterization and put on a show. You are constantly put in situations where you may have to entertain so have some fun while you're at it.

3. Finally taking opportunities that come your way

a. To put it simply every interaction is in a way an auction or an interview. So you are a lot more prepared than you may think you are. Apply for those

intimidating jobs. Talk to the CEO of that company. Constantly put yourself out there so the world can get all you have to offer.

What I believe embracing embarrassment means is trying even if you might fail because there is no harm in letting people know you are willing to learn, try, and are not afraid to show them what you have to offer because you never know when an opportunity of a lifetime may come along .

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