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  • Kayla Cordill

Define Your Potential

Ever since transferring to San Jose State last semester, I have wanted to try everything. As students we feel this pressure to become the best versions of ourselves. Some may think that maxing your potential may look like acing an exam, landing that job after graduation, or being the life of the party every Friday night. It’s so easy to get caught up in maxing your potential to the standard of what society tells you that you lose sight of your own values, desires, and interests in the pursuit of success and accomplishments. Everyone is different, so don’t measure your potential against another person's story. Figure out what your definition of maxing your potential is. Here are some way to get started:

Make a list of your hobbies, so you figure out what truly makes you happy, and what interests you could convert into occupations.

Seek counsel by asking advice from mentors or those you trust. Everyone has a lot to say, but there are only a few voices that can speak into your life and really know you


Meditate by journaling or picking a spot in nature and just process your thoughts. Sometimes a nap is just as good too!

My hope for the readers of this blog is to feel a little less burdened and a little more inspired to reflect on their own values and be driven by those values in their own personal pursuit of maxing their potential.


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