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Creative Block: Get Unstuck!

We all have points in our work where we get stuck and hit a creative wall. This "creator’s block" is common and can be overcome; it just takes a little time. Here are some tips to help break free of this kind of mental block and give the inspiration to continue your work:

  1. Walk away: Sometimes, the best thing to do is to walk away from the project you are working on. It is easy to get caught up in the work to the point where tunnel - vision gets in the way and it is difficult to bring your head out of the project. Take a break and come back to work later.

  2. Do something mindless: One thing that can help is to do something that involves absolutely no thinking. These can be tasks like making your bed, doing laundry, going for a walk with your dog, or reading a book. Do anything where you can complete a task with minimal effort and can allow you to decompress and rest your mind.

  3. Meditate: Take a moment to calm down and breathe. Once you are in a good and calm headspace you may feel more motivated to continue the project and may be more receptive to new ideas to complete your work.

  4. Research: When you feel ready to come back to your project, start by researching ideas and reference images. This can help creative thoughts and new ideas start to flow and unstick you in your creative block.

  5. Talk with others: It is always good to bounce ideas off of others when you're stuck on a project. Talking with friends, peers, or family can provide a new perspective to the issue you are facing and allow you to take a new approach to the work.

  6. Still stuck? Take a nap: Sometimes, you may just be tired, and that's OK. Go to bed or take a quick nap to allow your body and mind to rest. You will never get good work done if you are tired, because you will get careless and sloppy in your work. If it feels right to take a break like this, go ahead, you will feel better and be more productive after you have rested.

Remember, you got this! Make it count by taking the time you need to get restarted and ready to do great work. With these tips to help you refresh your mind, you are gonna do great!


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