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Connect, Connect, Connect!

A year has passed since the world decided to come to a halt. What we thought would be a two week break turned into what honestly feels like a decade. The constant cycle of Zoom classes, homework, and staying at home has left us feeling unmotivated, alone, and lost. We crave human connection again and all we’re asking now is: when is it going to end?

Instead of putting on the mindset of when it will end, try asking yourself who can I go to when I need support? Connecting with others is vital, especially right now. There are a plethora of ways to reach out to people using different social media platforms. Instagram allows you to share your favorite moments visually. Snapchat gives you the space to capture candid moments in time. Twitter keeps you updated on current news and trends. Even LinkedIn lets you promote your brand professionally. We’re lucky that we have all these resources in this day in age to stay connected even though it’s all on our screens.

While social media has given us the ability to stay in touch with others, it is not the prime solution to creating authentic connections. In fact, it can give you a sense of disconnection because most of us use it to keep up with and satisfy others instead of the most important person----you. Spending 24/7 of your time online can be unhealthy and remember that it’s alright if you need a break. Take time to focus on yourself too.

The meaning of connection brings so much value to me. I believe one of the main purposes in life is to develop life-long connections. To form authentic ones, send someone a text, give someone a call, or maybe even send them a letter. We’re all social creatures and maintaining tight friendships can improve mental health immensely. Simply practicing the act of having conversations will result in real, genuine moments. Keep close to the ones who continue to inspire, motivate, and push you to be a better person. People like those are rare to find. Don’t be a stranger. Love and support is always here; you are not alone.


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