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Answering Common Questions about Posting and Being Active on LinkedIn

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

POV: You keep hearing “post on LinkedIn” but don’t know where to start or how to do it.

Posting on LinkedIn is a way to showcase your writing to people and *future employers.* It’s like a personal blog to write about anything that you’re passionate about.

Here are answers to common questions people have about LinkedIn.

1. What do I even post on there? Is it just for my accomplishments?

LinkedIn isn’t just limited to the “I’m happy to announce” posts. There are also content creators on LinkedIn who post motivational content or information on their fields. I follow marketing professionals who post about marketing trends and the tech industry.

Here are some things you can post as a student on LinkedIn:

  • Responses to interesting articles in your desired field

  • Key takeaways from an (MA) event ;)

  • Why you are interested in a certain field or industry

  • Graphics that you’ve designed

  • How you keep organized or manage your time

  • Something you recently learned in a class

  • How you solved a problem or overcame an obstacle

  • Your involvement in your community (SJSU, MA, other organizations)

2. How do I write a *good* post that will receive a lot of views?

Writing on LinkedIn comes with practice and consistency. You’ll stand out if you’re constantly engaging or posting once a week. Think about who your audience is on LinkedIn and what you want your personal blog to be about. If you’re passionate about something, the results will come through with time. Write about anything you want and look at other content creators on LinkedIn for inspiration.

3. Why should I post?

Posting can be intimidating, but starting is the hardest part. Once you’ve made that first post, you’ll be motivated to continue and learn along the way. It’s also rewarding when people are genuinely interested and inspired by your posts. You’re helping out your community while benefiting yourself by showing your critical thinking and communication skills.

4. What else can I do on LinkedIn besides posting?

If posting isn’t your cup of tea, here is something else you can do on LinkedIn:

Comment on other people’s content! Follow content creators in your desired field and engage with their posts with your own insights. Your comments should add value to the conversation and share your own experiences.


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