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  • Nika Sison

Following Up: The Secret Weapon to Landing the Job

Applying for jobs is intimidating, and tests both your skills and mindset. I often tend to spiral into a case of self-doubt as I continue to apply to jobs and prepare for interviews. It’s completely normal to feel nervous!

As you finish your interview with an interested employer, you’re now going through the “will they, won’t they hire you” scenario … also known as, the most nerve-racking moment in the hiring process.

Don’t let the nerves get to you.

How can you increase your chances at becoming the perfect employee that a company is looking for? A follow-up letter.

What can a simple letter do to change your rejection into an offer?

With a follow-up letter, you can ...

Acknowledge an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

Maybe you didn’t communicate your ideas or experience properly. Everyone makes mistakes, but what sets qualified individuals apart from the rest of the competition is the ability to learn from their mistakes and improve.

Don’t be afraid to say that you’ve thought about their questions after you parted ways. If you want to change your answer, then following up is the best chance to show that you are qualified for the position!

Show your continued interest in the company.

Repeat after me: talking with an interviewer is NOT the last part of the job interview. Just a few words in your follow up letter is enough to express your gratitude to be considered for the job.

Your words are powerful! They can easily leave a lasting impression on an interviewer.

Prove you are a passionate and engaging person.

Job interviewers don't only look for someone who meets all the job qualifications. If you aren’t able to have a casual conversation with them or any of their coworkers, then you’re most likely not going to get the job. It may seem like you don't have the right personality for the company.

Following up may be the perfect touch for shy job applicants to make any employer consider you as the perfect fit.

If you and your interviewer had any common interests that were brought up during the interview, mention it in a fun way. You’ll be seen as someone who is attentive, interested, and sociable. What company wouldn’t want someone who meshes well with the team?

Recruiters, business professors, motivational speakers have already reiterated the importance of a follow-up letter. Once you really put this advice into action, you’ll be confident that you are putting your best self forward, showing your true value to a company.

Just know that if you still didn't get the job offer, that's alright. What matters is that you gave it your best shot. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

Job searching is, without a doubt, a true test of one’s confidence in their abilities. Don’t let go of the opportunity to secure the job you truly want. Showcase your awesome skills and personality by pulling all the stops. You are capable and worthy to get hired!

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