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How to start achieving your dreams?

Your dreams start becoming a reality when you start believing in yourself. Your mentality is your greatest asset and here is how you can start training them to help you achieve your goals!

1. Stop questioning yourself if you’re good enough! YES YOU’RE ENOUGH

Have you ever held yourself back from applying for that dream job you want? Asking for a raise? Or confessing your feelings to someone special? We’ve all been there, at least once in our life. We have questioned ourselves if we are good enough for that? As a college student, I have done that too many time. Every new semester, I would hold myself back from applying for that position I want at a club, or the internship that I’m interested in, because I thought my resume was not good enough, “Oh I just don’t have any working experience”. But the reality is I was the first person that held myself back because I hadn’t given myself my best chance. You need to get yourselves out there first and open yourselves up to all opportunities, that is the first step to success!

2. Love yourself

I know it sounds cliché and you probably have heard this advice countless time, but you need to really believe in it. I need you to believe that YOU are as lovable as you can be since the day you were born. No amount of success or any relationship can define how lovable you are or how happy you can be. So, don’t be afraid to fail because it does not define you. Coming down to it all, what are most of us afraid of? We just all want to be happy. But often enough, we don’t realize we can be happy right in the present. The dream job you always wanted or that special someone can make you happy for a while, but it will come back down to how much do you love yourselves. When you realize that in the end, your true power is loving yourself despite any external circumstance, any failures, or downfall, you would feel free, and happy. Loving yourself will allow you to put all your efforts in striving for your dreams because you are no longer afraid of failing.

3. Now, Take Actions!

Growing up in an Asian family, I remember being “the prodigy” when my mom asked me how to play the DVD, or send an email. As a millennial, we learn to grow up with technology and those things are easy for us. But for our parents, they have to wonder how we do it, and the answer is “just do it.” That’s also the answer to most of our dream. The simplest way to achieve anything is to start doing it. So often, we look at a successful person like a YouTuber with hundreds of thousands of followers and ask “How do they do it?”. Well, they just started doing. Taking action in any process is the start of its success. Most of the time, we wait to be inspired to work or start a project, but we don’t realize that we got it backward. Mark Manson, author of New York Time bestsellers “The Art of Not Giving a F*ck”, said, “Do something. The answers will follow.”

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