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The Marketing Association … Is it Worth it?

As a senior at San Jose State University, the best piece of advice I have for any student is to take advantage of all of the amazing resources and opportunities our campus has to offer. SJSU is essentially an open hand which provides its students with countless amounts of opportunity, but it is up to you to make proper use of them in your brief time here. I understand that it is in every students best interest to make the most of their college career… so why not start with the Marketing Association?

I decided to make the move to join the Marketing Association last semester and it has been one of the most rewarding and beneficial decisions I have made yet. As a Business major with a concentration in Marketing, I can confidently say that this professional student-run organization caters to a wide span individuals. Not just Marketing majors. By being such an extremely inclusive and versatile organization, I believe it certainly has the potential benefit everyone in some way, shape or form.

With that being said, I want to share the Top 5 Reasons as to why my time with the Marketing Association has been worth it!

1. Hands-On Experience

Being a member of the Marketing Association has given me a tremendous amount of hands-on experience which directly relate to my major. As one of eight members of the Marketing Committee, I have had the opportunity to utilize my creativity and experience to assist the Marketing Association with social media campaigns, blogs and even the entire rebranding process. Not only am I able to provide direct input, but I am also given the opportunity to create tangible content that is being showcased on social media platforms and the website itself.

2. Networking

With a handful of diverse events being held throughout the semester, networking between students, alumni and professionals has been a must. Being a part of this organization has given me an excellent opportunity to meet new and fresh faces. Starting with the students, I have made amazing relationships and collaborated with a ton of individuals to help push the Marketing Association to new heights. I have also had to chance to connect with alumni and professionals. These individuals are already in the workforce and have provided me with useful knowledge and insight that has helped give me guidance.

3. Workshops

The Marketing Association also hosts numerous workshops which are highly relevant and accessible to students preparing to join the workforce. A couple of my favorite ones include the Netgear and LinkedIn workshops hosted by fellow Marketing Association alumni. I love these presentations because I am able to receive such useful tips and tricks as well as have the opportunity to network with the guest speakers afterwards.

4. Company Tours

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at some of the biggest companies in America? Well look no further. The Marketing Association frequently participates in company tours such as Cisco, Adobe and many more! These tours are always so much fun for me because I am able to connect with industry professionals. Q&A panels are often hosted where I have the opportunity to ask direct questions and learn about the experiences of each employee. On top of that, exploring state of the art facilities in the Silicon Valley is such a fascinating experience because it is essentially the heart of technology and innovation.

5. Community Service

Above all else, what keeps me grounded and humbled is the community service that the Marketing Association participates in on a regular basis. From beach clean-ups to planting trees, I think we should all understand the importance of giving back to the community that you live in. Taking the time out of my day to better the life of something or someone else is such an amazing feeling. Not to mention that I am accompanied by other like-minded individuals from the Marketing Association.

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