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  • Alycia Low

3 Ways to Make the Most of an Internship-less Summer

Got any plans this summer? If your answer is no, then look no further than this blog post! One of the toughest parts of college is landing an internship, and not everyone does. After putting yourself out there, applying to companies left and right and going through the process of not hearing back, it’s easy to be discouraged and ponder over what you’ll do with three months of free time. Of course, you should relax and take a break from all the stress you’ve endured for the past nine months, but also use this time to take advantage other opportunities!

Not getting an internship isn’t the worse thing in the world – if anything, it might be the best thing to happen to you this summer! This can be an opportunity to further your personal and professional growth. With three months of uninterrupted time, with the exception of trips to the beach and hanging out with friends, you can focus on growing your resume and experiences! During this time, it’s important to be proactive, so check out these three ways to make the most of your internship-less summer!

Start a project and finish it

A great way to start off your summer is by starting your own entrepreneurial project. This can include freelancing your photography, build a computer or start a blog (hint, hint, nudge nudge). The experience you gain from this can set you apart from your competitors. Creating a personal project can also tell employers more about who you are – like that you’re hardworking and determined. A lot of skills can be gained as well from this, so don’t be afraid to start a business or do a project this summer – you have the time for it!

Write articles and publish them

Why it’s important?

During our MA meetings you’ve probably heard our officers and speakers talk about the importance of writing and putting your work online. Employers like to know that you are well-informed which can enhance your professional profile. Forbes goes into greater detail about the 9 reasons you should start blogging ( Your work becomes proof that you’re knowledgeable and willing to put yourself out there.

What to share?

Writing also helps you develop a media presence. Those who agree with you or are like-minded will come to you for advice or input on certain issues. If done well, you’re also able to build and grow your network. You can refer to what was taught in our Content Writing workshop for more information on what to share and how to do it.

Where to share?

Now that you’ve created some blog-post-worthy content, it’s time to decide where to post it. One of the more common places to post blogs is on LinkedIn. The great thing about choosing this route is that it’s automatically linked to your LinkedIn account for all of your employers to see! Other websites you can post on include Blogger and WordPress.

Get educated. Get certified

Being certified is another way to set yourself apart from others. By going through a curriculum and having your knowledge assessed, employers recognize your desire to grow in your field and to be more educated. A couple certifications you can work towards is the Google Analytics and Google AdWord certification ( Another great place to check out is offers courses on business, software development, design, photography and more.

In the end, all of this experience looks good on your resume. This can make the difference between being considered for a phone interview and not. Add your experience with your personal project to your cover letter. Add your certification(s) to your resume. Add your blog posts to your resume with a hyperlink. Your work and education are great way to display the technical skills you have gained! So, what are you going to do this summer? Let MA know!

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