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Getting Past the Initial Slump

Wake up. Look in the mirror. Have I woken up from this quarantine nightmare? Nope. It is today’s reality. Since COVID-19 became a global pandemic, our lives have changed in ways we could never imagine. As going to the grocery store suddenly became a trip everyone in the family was excited for, you cannot help but feel unmotivated and trapped in what feels like a cave. That was me at the beginning of quarantine back in March. At the start of quarantine, I thought life could only go downhill from there and I believed that since we were constantly at home, I would not change or grow as a person. For the first month, being stuck at home with my family with little to do, also caused my physical a

Apps That Help Keep My Life Together

Life can get overwhelming regardless of what you do on a day to day. Never-ending emails, social media notifications, and to-dos can completely weigh you down and it all seems unmanageable. Especially during this time, most people are now working remotely, and it can become extremely difficult to keep up with everything you need to do along with having the motivation to do it. I was one of those people who kept telling myself, “wow, I really need to get my life together.” Making small changes in your life can help you feel more organized, and in this technological era, there are countless tools to help us get back on track. Here are some apps that I’ve been using for productivity and everyda

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